Saturday, April 25, 2009

Young Picaso

I might be getting a little ahead
of myself with that picaso stuff but im very serious
bout art so i decided to put some of my favorite pictures
ive done up here cause i just saw an dukes self portrait
and i was lik hey i can do that to lol so here you
go......oh and heres the link of her blog so you can see
her portrait
this is some drawings and photography i did

the original me


now the self portrait

my friend jamaal

just some girl

at mcdonalds

in new york

last but not least on the plane

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Degrassi to Weezy

One of the Degrassi The N actors Drake who played on Degrassi for a minute is now
one of my favorite artist out now. I like that he turned his
career around from a tinny bopper teen shows to shows with lil
wayne. I first heard him sing Brand New and i was shocked to
see it was Jimmy the former basketball star turned every
ones favorite paraplegic now turned rapper/singer. He doing good now and I have to say
he is looking sexier then ever lol.

Day 26?

If your like me and you are a fan of making the band you would have noticed to drastic change in the
goofy loveable Que. The season has ended and it left me
thinking what s wrong with Que? The rumor and what i
believe is that he is bipolar and paronoid. I thought
this seemed to happen right after his mom called saying
they need help finacially, but in these types of shows you
dont see exactly everything going on so who's to know. I think
Que should go seek out some help because this could easily
ruin Day 26. IF they do break up it will be very sad for me
and all their fans because i think they're very talented
performers. And a friend of mine is out trying out for making
the band so i dont know whats going on with that and what that could be for.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Childrens Story

I just got the opportunity to do the illustrations for a childrens book and im going to do it but i feeling nervous. First off im excited cause in the book my name will be in it as the illustrator and that will give me exposure, which im happy about. Then again im only 17 and i dont want to let this lady down cause this is the biggest thing i ever down art-wise so im sort of stuck on this character. I can picture him but im not sure how i want to do each background and how much details i should put in each picture and etc.....
I will figure something out....hopefully cause im showing her the sketches I've done so far.
I think im having a art block :(