Friday, November 27, 2009

What a great week

To start off my great week I found out I only had school Monday and Tuesday then I got a invite code for from a very nice member named Nim G.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had a great time taking peoples money by beating them at every Wii sport game on Black Friday I got a new camera, even though Ive been up since 4:30 this morning and had to go through hectic lines all in all i had a good day. I ended up getting the same camera just a newer version in this copper color (its really nice).
So yeah I'm on lookbook now here are some of the looks Ive posted so far with there titles:
I dont mind being in a mans world as long as I can be a woman in it
escaping the ZOO
My wonderland
Im not that silly girl I use to be
The Day Dreamer
I don't really like any of these looks except 2 but since i didn't have a camera I couldn't take any new pictures

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obsession of the week

Chanel equals LOVE
First I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you are having a good day and stuffing your faces.
Second I just been so into Chanel lately and I need a Chanel shoulder bag so bad.

But I recently came across this thing called Fake Chanel. It is like peoples reinterpretation o the classic icon, the Chanel C's and I love it.
Here is a example of what I'm talking about:

It looks just like this but on t-shirts
I absolutely love this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kodak moments :D

In the last post i talked about me and jenee doing a photo shoot here is how the day went down.
This is the aftermath

Here are some of the pics of the night

Dont mind our crazy outfits lol it was such a fun night

editing done by me

Check her out at

Two of my favorite and food!

Happy Turkey Day or at least Happy Early Turkey Day!
I can not wait for Thanksgiving...Imagining all that Jamaican food is making my mouth water lol. Its going to be hard getting up in the morning for Black Friday cause i already know I'm still going to be full from the day before and you know food makes you tired ( that's called "The Itis" lol i learned that from The Boondocks). Well I'm not shopping this year I just need to get one thing, I need to buy a new digital camera. i have one now but its doesn't work, I lent it to my mom when she went to Jamaica and it came back broken. I really like that camera so I'm just going to buy it again. It is the Kodak m763 digital camera. If i see one better for cheaper i will get it but for now my eyes are set and locked on that camera because i don't have any complaints.

I might buy a new laptop while I'm browsing the electronics section but its all up in the air right now cause my pockets are empty...I'm trying to get a advance in my pay at my babysitting thing i do for my sis or beg for a early Christmas/birthday present =D.

I'm trying to step up my photography game to, like of myself, and to do that i need to buy a tripod. The main reason I'm trying to step up my game is because I'm trying to get accepted on this website call Its all about fashion and sharing pictures and inspirations with people all around the world and I'm in love with it. Also me and Jenee of have a upcoming mini photo shoot, which is going to be hard because we live in different states and we are taking pics and mashing them together. So yeah Once again Happy Thanksgiving and I want to say Happy birthday to my brother(who's birthday was today) my sister (who's birthday was Friday) and my niece(who's birthday was two weeks ago).
Love you guys! <3>

(My sister and niece after her ballet recital)

(My brother)

This is me last year on black friday


I pretty much hate Lady Gaga in this video, I think it ruined the whole song. Beyonce was better off doing this by her self. I will be the first to say I hate that crazy look Lady Gaga has but it is unique and is her so this played down thing was really bad on her.

But.......... I do like her video Bad Romance, the ending is my favorite part. I just dont like her pose while standing in the was weird. This is one of my top songs of the moment. =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Obbsession of the week

My new love of the week that will actually be very helpful this winter, is my new winter hat. It is so adorable and i had to be the first to get one cause i never see people wearing them only like kids but i don't care lol . Me and my friends got different colored ones yesterday, i got this one to match my boots.

I love the puff ball at the top of my head lol and the two at the bottom hanging.

Fashionable on a budget

So these are tough times i know so here are tips on how I'm getting by. My first tip is reducing money you use to by clothes...look for sales and discounts, dont give up search for the best prices and look online. Even though people think I'm a shopaholic they don't know I'm buying cheap stuff that look like they are worth more. My second tip is to re-use, look through your moms closet for anything old but workable then modify it to bring up to date, lucky for me i have two older sisters who go through clothes like water lol. My last tip is recycle, I mean you can wear one outfit all day but it can look different through the morning, evening and night by adding accessories like shoes/heels, jewelry,belts, sweaters, and scarves etc......

Top:Ross (12$) Leggings:Walmart (10$) Necklace/Hoop Earings:Forever21 (2 for 8$)
Ankle Heeled Boots:Payless (20$)
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let me go put on my face

Putting on makeup, to me, is like art, and this is coming from a artist. I love putting on makeup, its fun and creative. I especially love eye shadows, I never just wear one color i have at least 2-3 colors on my eyes....I know what your thinking,"she probably looking crazy" but really the colors blend together. I would wear like a light green/gold on the inside of my eye the in the middle a darker green then a little black on the edge and the colors are blended into each other. It looks like a value scale you start with black then add a color red to it and eventually it will fade to white, its a gradual change. I'm not trying to come out the house looking like a clown.

I don't think every one should wear makeup cause people don't need it, they have there natural beauty, I personally love just playing with it its like becoming a new person everyday plus I love feeling GLAMOROUS lol but not all people need makeup to feel that way. I like to experiment and be creative that's why its a good thing for me.

This is my daily things i use the most, I had to incorporate the crayons to show to gradual change from a dark color to a lighter one also cause it looked cool, they matched my eye shadows lol. I have a makeup bag full of stuff but this is what i use the most. Uh! I forgot the lip gloss, I never go without it.

"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world."

— Marilyn Monroe

Obsession of the week

OK i use that word to describe things i like to look at often as maybe a daily routine, and they change frequently. SO to start this off my new obsession is my new rain boots which just came to my house yesterday and i was so happy. It was perfect timing because it is suppose to be pouring for the next couple of days.

Here they are ......

Don't they make you want to hop in a puddle in the rain forest lmao.

I couldn't find that scarf for the longest and i happened to find it when i took the pics so i just threw it on cause it matched the boots lol.

*I ordered these leopard print ($24) rain boots from my favorite website to order boots, shoes, and sandals. The website is Gojane. com, there located in California and the prices for footwear are more than reasonable.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 random and weird facts about myself

Well i always watch those YouTube videos where the person is saying things about themselves that people don't know, and i was like "What the hey!...I can do that to" lol.
SO here we go........

Fact numero uno-I only have one dimple which happens to be on my left cheek

Dos- I was born with a cleft pallet ( for those who don't know its a opening at the top of the roof of my mouth) which i had surgery when i was 9months old to close)

Tres- I had asthma when i was a kid but i don't anymore

Cuatro- I'm Jamaican (both my parents grew up there but i was born here so Ima change that to I'm Jamerican lol)

Cinco-People assume i cant see cause i wear glasses but the truth is it is because my left eye is crossed ( i know its weird no one else in my family has it but i learned to live with it so its w/e) on that note don't ever ask me to show you cause I wont.....sorry

Seis-If you ever seen me write you will know i hold my pencil funny (I put two fingers on top of the pencil and two behind so when you look at me write it looks like I'm holding the pencil in my fist

Seite- I was born with a short tongue so i had surgery on it and now its long lmao


Ocho- I didn't talk until i was about 3 and i went to speech therapy cause i wouldn't speak

Uhhhh i don't have any other weird facts so the last two will be random

Nueve- I'm the youngest of 4 kids and all our birthdays are a month close to each other ( i was born in January, my brother and second oldest sister where born in December and my oldest sister was born in November)

Diez-i couldve been born in either 1991 or 1992 because my bithday is Jan 4th

So what did you learn about me-
1.I was born with really weird and random things
2. I didn't like to talk as a kid but cant shut up now
and 3. You learned about me and my family

Keep things to yourself.....PLEASE!

I would hate to be married to Usher, he likes to put all his business out there. First with "Confessions" now with "Papers"......uhhhhhhhh I'm sorry but sometimes you don't need to tell us everything. I mean this should be a hard time cause he got a kid with that girl Tameka and he wants to sing about it. Usher please wait to let her know whats going down before you make a song about it, lol I bet she thought everything was dandy until he was like ,"baby i wrote a new want to here it, its about us" lmao. Usher please wait for the ink to dry on the divorce papers before the song comes out. PLEASE!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rihanna's interview on good morning AMERICA!

I hate hows she's playing this little miss innocent thing for so long, there are two sides to this story and everyone is throwing chris under the bus. Until one of them say the whole story Im not going to keep talking about what happened cause really who knows what really went down. Im not saying theres any excuse why a man should hit a woman in any physical way, chris was wrong for that definitly im not going to say he wasnt but.....unless you were in the car with them when it happened you should'nt be talking.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She use to be the sweetest girl

What happened the the Pon de replay Ri Ri. Little miss Rihanna from Barbados has gone hard lately, maybe a little to hard. I'm not a critic so my opinion doesn't matter but this new tuff new goth thing is getting a little overboard. In the beginning it was cute and refreshing with the hair and everything but now its like shes trying to be someone shes not. Tiffany Evans came out and said Rihanna's song Rush and Roulette has such strong lyrics that will make people kill themselves, I don't agree with that at all but its still going with my point that Ri's new facade is a little much.

Here's her new video ft. Young Jeezy - Hard
Sorry its not the video (the html code wasnt trying to work for me so heres the link to the video).

She went from this

To this

To finally this

It seems like the shorter her hair got the edgyer she became.
COME ON! at one point she had vampire nails....what was that about?