Monday, January 25, 2010

Obsession of the Week:Owls

I have talked about me have this weird Owl obsession, its not even Owls its the cute Owl jewelery out there.

Heres the Owl Jewelery I have now:

Gold Owl Necklace with Black Eyes: Charlotte Russe

Adjustable Gold and Black Ring with matching Studs:

Small Gold Owl Necklace:

Multi-Colored Owl Necklace with Black Jewel Eyes: Forever 21

This one is coming in the mail on Wed. I ordered it from

On To The Next One- Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz

On fire-Lil wayne

D.I.Y:A new look for clothes hangers

I am in love with this D.I.Y. Im going to use a picture of myself tho when I do it, I might do different emotions in each picture. It so easy and will make your boring hangers look like they got a makeover. These hangers look more attractive, I could see them being in clothing stores like H&M.

celebrity magazine clippings / friend photos
Spray Mount photo sprayglue (15 hanger = 1 can)
carpet knife
marker and pencil
highlight markers

For step by step directions on how to do this D.I.Y. you can find them here

The Lovely Bones

This is the girl who died in the movie in the gazebo she was often seen in while she is stuck in the in between.
I did this picture the same night I watched the movie "The Lovely Bones" and it inspired me to do this. I really liked the movie, the graphics were amazing. My friend and I have different feelings for the end of the movie. I like that the man was killed before he could hurt anybody else, even the people i n the movie theater stood up and clapped when he fell off the cliff, but my friend hates the ending because he was never caught and the family never got their justice. I agree with her but either way I really enjoyed the movie and I recommend people go see it. I also saw the movie "Legion" and i also recommend that movie.
I'm think going to do another picture about this movie that has to do with ships in glass bottles.
Materials I used:
  • Crayon
  • Water Color Pencils
  • Color Pencils
  • Black,Red, and Blue Ink Pens
  • Paint
  • Glitter

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fashionable on a budget

Dark Blue Cardiagan: $10 Target, Layered Light Gray Cardigan: $12, Ruffled No-Sleeve Blouse: around $12 Conway, Black Straight Leg Jeans: $15 Faith 21(Forever 21)

D.I.Y: Spice up those old school notebooks

Turn you plain boring notebooks into something interesting and unique. I always end up drawing on the covers of my notebooks when I'm bored in class anyways so I wanted to jazz up my dull notebook to fit my personality by creating a cool collage.

What you will need:

Your favorite magazines

Glue, Tape, Scissors, Boring Notebook

To start skim through a mag and look for interesting pictures, words, phrases and etc......
Cut the picture out and place it on you notebook to see where you want to have it....I like to place things at odd angles

You can wait to glue until the end so you can place all you cut outs where you want them with messing up

Finally after you finish with your collage you need to tape everything down so it will give your notebook this glossy finished touch look and you will not rip or tare any of your cut outs in the future. Have fun!

Here are some I have down last year:
I drew and glue and taped it to my notebook, I saw these guys on a t-shirt somewhere



Whats in my bag

I always wanted to do "Whats in my bag" blog but I never found the time. I basically use the same old bags I always do even tho I have so many but usually everything is already packed in one of my black bags and I hate taking everything out and switching. I rotate between this D&G bag and this black bag I got from Forever 21 last year and this brown bag I got from Charlotte Russe.
Optional things to carry: School Stuff (notebooks and etc...) and laptop
I have been using the D&G bag for the last couple of days

This is my everyday stuff plus or minus the umbrella and the laptop

Electronics: HP Mini, Ipod Classic, Kodak Digital Camera.....I forgot my cell but yall already seen that

I love my key chain, my sister got it for me when she came back from visiting family in Jamaica

My cute eye glasses case

Pens and pencil in case I have to write something or draw something, I usually have a small not pad but it ran out of paper

Hand Sanitizer w/ lotion cause there are more germs then people lol

Lotions and my favorite spray Love Spell from Victoria Secret cause you have to smell good. I'm always running out cause everyone always knows I got something with me lol

Lint roller and my new favorite blue gloves from H&M

Lip glosses because I have to take care of these big lips. I'm not a fan of colors on my lips so I usually just get clear but I do like soft pinks to tint my lips.

Mini pink umbrella cause I'm not going to mess my hair up lol :D

My wallet with all my important things in it

and last but not least my bus passes and bus schedule lmao! I have to get around someway cause I DON'T HAVE A CAR! ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poor Snooki and Go Flo!

If you are obsessed with Jersey Shore like I am you know that Little Sweet Chiwawa Snooki has the worst luck. She got into 2 fights one with a grown ass drunk man and the second with 2 chicks and a Hippo. Little Snookers doesn't deserve that but JWow got her back.

That has to be one of my favorite shows right now but The Bad Girls Club has to be number ONE!
This weeks episode of The Bad Girls Club got me so upset! If you watched it you would see how all the girls went to a lesbian club to support Flo but Amber is kinda nervous about going cause she thinks all the woman will hit on her and some crap like that. All i could think about is why did you go then? no one was forcing her and if she explained that she was uncomfortable with it no one would be mad. She is so ignorant cause afterwards when they were home she even said what she was about to say was going to get people mad and she was saying ignorant &%@$ about bi people and how she thinks Flo is confused when she is not. What did shew expect to happen when she was talking of course Flo was going to be mad then she had the nerve to push Flo in the pool which broke her ankle....OW! Then Flo hops after her and nicely picked Amber's ass up by her hair and throws her.
What got me mad was that Everyone sided with Amber but Flo was the one to get her ankle broken compared to Amber's bruise on her arm also Amber was the one to start the fight by being ignorant and then pushing Flo in the POOL!
I'm glad that Flo has such great acting skills cause she faked cryed her way back into the house!
Go FLO!!!!!! :D

Obsession of the Week:Music

I absolutely adore Alicia Key's new album The Element Of Freedom but I can say I am OBSESSED! with her song Unthinkable which was written by Drake and he does some backup vocals (which makes it even better).

I'm not going to lie these Lady Gaga barbies are pretty cute, I want some except that Kermit one that's just weird.

Newest Looks

18th Birthday

Here is my 18th birthday video I put together 2:30am this morning lol

Lazy Bones

Uhhhhh! -_- I know Ive been gone for a minute.....I was going to lie and say I have been really busy because of finals but I only had one final and that was last week Friday and Ive been out of school all week cause I had no more finals so..........SORRY.
I think I got bit by the "Lazy Bug" going around lol but really I'm going to post something new like every other day so I don't look like a slacker! but I did go out today looking for a job so I'm trying not to be such a bum lol
By next week I will be posting a video of me vlogging and doing a forever 21 haul. I been on a online shopping binge for the last week and I should have everything by Tuesday. I mainly ordered from Forever 21 but I decided I needed new jeans so I ordered some from Faith 21, Forever 21's plus size collection, cause I got a lot of junk in the trunk if you didn't notice lls :D.
I will post some looks to go along with the video also on other news I created a new YouTube account to do tutorials and hauls also to give advice so you guys should subscribe (no pressure lol) my first video will be the Forever 21 haul.
Here's the link to my new YouTube channel
Oh! also I watched the new movie "The Lovely Bones" and I loved it! it was just nicely put together and I actually teared up at the end a little.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mixing it up a little

Finger cut out mittens: Walmart, Silver Studded earrings: Rugged Warehouse 3.99 (I bout them on my birthday), and Black shoulder bag: Wet Seal 16.00 (I gift I received from Best friend)

Black Vest: Forever 21, Black stripped hoody: Forever 21 12.50

SO this is the outfit I had on Friday for school. I wore it a couple different ways :
In the first pic you can see the accessories I originally had on, I matched that with a leather jacket for a simple kinda edgy look.
After I got home it wasn't as cold as it was before so I took the jacket off and those accessories and through on a vest over the hoody and tucked it into my jeans. My friend got me the charm heart necklace with matching dangle earring's (you cant see them) today for my past birthday.
P.S. The only reason I changed the look around was because I lost one of the original earrings I had on so I wanted to mix things up a little.
UH!!!! I loved those earrings :(
Oh! and that hoody was a great find I found Thursday, Forever 21 also have one with a zipper for 16.50 but I personally liked this one better and it was cheaper.