Sunday, September 27, 2009


My obsessions are youtube videos, I thought it would be good to list my top 3 favorite youtube accounts.
Numero uno- Mitchell Davis of livelavalive
Numero dos- Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair of
Numero tres
- Timothy Delaghetto of TimothyDelaghetto2
I have so many subscriptions to people on youtube (39 to be precise) but these are my top 3 I always have to check if they put new videos up.
The 2nd one i just found yesterday and Im already obsessed.

Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair

I really hope i didnt spell there names wrong cause u dont feel like checking right now, wel anyways.....I am obbessed with them at the moment. Im feel smart Im talking about them as if you know what Im talking about, well Mars and Titanic are these youtube people I found who make these cool but so simple videos which are usually under a minute so it keeps my attention, also they make indie pop music which im into. I dont know what makes them so awsome but they just are. I know why i like them, its cause there awkward, odd, different,innocent and simple which im really into.I reallu reccomened people check them out so u get what im spending my time blogging about.

This is there youtube:

and thier own website:

Technology is a dead bird.....u will get that after watching there videos lol Im not just being random

P.S. sorry there not links

Have a electronic day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bib Necklaces

At first i didnt know how to feel about these new accessories that are everywhere now but now im really getting into it

Not sure if ima hop on the bandwaggon but i am going to keep a close eye on it in the future. I just hopped on and joined the parade cause i now own a bib necklace lol.By the way i first wrote this post a month and a half ago so thats how I got it so fast. I bought mine last weekend at forever 21 my favorite store. Im thinking about posting a pic of it.

Short films

All this year i kecth myself watching these short films on youtube and I love them but Im so sad now cause i dont remeber what i use to type to get to the youtube channel with them. I know what your thinking, why dont i just type the title of one i liked then look for the rest of the videos, but i dont rember the titles of any of them.... except for one ....Mr.W but yet i can not find the rest of them. What a sad day. Woe is me.

John Mayer.....I like ur face

Yes i know that sounds so weird but its something about his face i just like to look at......I started likeing his face or whatever after watching him on rob s fantasie factory lol. Its probably not even his face just like something i like about him but i dont know what, maybe its his genesequa. I never spelled that word befor so i couldve typed that wrong lol as soon as im done im going to get my dictionary out :).

The Unvailing

If u didnt know i am a huge fan of weaves, the reason for that is there so versatile whaterver you wanna be and look is possible without damaging ur real hair, which i love. I decided to do something different for once a wear my real hair out and ive been doing that since the new school year started aug. 31.
So here we go.......


Got it!

It a little longer but the back isnt really pressed out well
Hers some examples of my love of weaves over these dedicated years.......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Im into Kanye but what the hell

That was so disrespectfull what he did to taylor swift. Ima Kanye fan but he couldve really keep his thought to himself and plast them on his blog. I love how everyone booed him everytime his name was in a category. I thought he grew up and stopped looking like a ass on tv. Im glad Beyonce knew right from wrong and gave Taylor her chance to thank her fans. I do agree although maybe she wasnt the best choice cuz her video was just cute but I dont agree with the blunt rudeness Kanye displayed tonight.

How could he be so heartless?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

you know your cool when

u have ur face on a bape shirt

kid cudi

im not even into watches but i woud rock it

talking japanese watches!!!!!!!!!!!!!they will actually teach you japanese!

maybe they can help me with my math lol jk

im liken this new group

there not even new but there new to me


Song by Drake, this is the track that is suppose to be on the retail version of Drake’s So Far Gone album.

love these pics of him

what to do next

No, i havent graduated yet but when i do whats next for me? I plan to go to MC for two years then go to Berekly College in NY but that can change. After college whats next.....get a job? but where? will it be something i could do long term? will i end up following my dreams in art and fashion or will i just give up and settle into reality? these are all the questions going through my head entering the new school year and hopefully they could all be resolved by the end of it. One plan i was thinking of is opening a clothing store for guys with my best friends Christine and Jenee, I would be incharge of design, Jenee with marketing and promotions, and Christine with running the actually store. Our future is still tossed in he air so im just going to chill and be relaxed and happy for the moment. Que sera sera, What ever will be will be.

photos with nika inspired mitchell davis

This a video i made inspired by my favorite youtuber Mitchell Davis.

who i want to be like when i grow up......?

Art wise that would be Alex Pardee. He is so sick artistically and does the stuff i wish i could do to bad i cant paint. He has to be my favorite artist, not only did he overcome depression, anxiety, and taken medication for 15 years, he stayed hopefull and could express himself through his art which i love.