Monday, May 31, 2010

Journey to the Abyss

New York shopping: Memorial Weekend

SO for memorial weekend I went shopping in Manhattan at Conway's, Joey's, Mr. Joe's, Strawberries, and some store I cant remember lol so to see everything I bought

Alicia Keys Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)

I love the concept of this video.....wanting something you cant have but still fighting through all the obstacles to get it.
The heart doesn't see color.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of the Day

End of the Day from Polivision on Vimeo.

"A music video narrative inspired by Kid Cudi's album, "Man on the Moon: The End of Day." 

Created by Evan Polivy, Matt Cavallaro, and Christin Neal

This video is featured on Kid Cudi's official website:

Also check out the websites of the talented people who collaborated with Polivision to make this video:"


Verbals of a Poet: coming to a sound system near you!!!

You all know Im always hyping my dude The Righteous Izzy La' Cool lol but for real he is really DOPE! and yall shouod look out for his mixtape coming out this summer. As always.....Peep his TUMBLR!
At two this morning creativity hit me (no it was more like a stroke of genius lol) and I decided to design his mixtape cover and back cover so here they are:

and if yall were doubting me about how dope he is here are some bars from his latest rap "Snooze Button"-
1st verse simple, im hard to get rid of ya very 1st pimple, hah, so ima be around, its best you peep my sound,&  if ya smoking on the loud, it will penetrate the inner workings of ya mind, now thats subliminal, the bars are so illegal in fact they’re criminal, like weezy, this rapping thang like freshman girls so easy, im similar to oxygen yea yall need me, i never blow them oz’s, though they pass it around like  ring around the rosie, see im the only goose among these ducks, not really giving a fuck, they say you different i tell em “so what”

This is my favorite bar he recently came up with-

"her skintone is similar to mayonaise, and you always tryna steal my patty, hamburgelar, that felony will lead to murder "

-The Righteous Izzy

Chasing Pavements

Im was really bored and my girl Jenee was making a video and she persuaded me to do one to so I did lol. Heres my video to one of my favorite songs Chasing Pavements by Adele.
I hope you enjoy!!!! 
-Nika Brown


Here are my prom pics, they are pretty self explanatory that i had a great night! even tho i was late (not fashionably) and i had under 15 minutes to get ready....LITERALLY!!!
In some more recent news-
Thursday was my las day of school and June 7th is my graduation so that leaves me more time to blog....FINALLY! lol :)

Hit the jump for more pics


Hype me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Find your Love-Drake

The worst thing about crossing the line, is when you don't know, you already have.....

This song was produced by Kanye, before I found that out I could automatically tell it was Kanye because of how beat sounded like a Kanye song. At first I thought this song was annoying but it grew on me in the last 3 days, its now my ringtone LMAO!
Big ups to my Jamaican people!!!!! lol

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang

"Chiddy Bang is an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The group consists of Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege and Noah Beresin, better known as Xaphoon Jones,[2] who met at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, PA. Their sound is based on the fusion of hip hop and unique sample choices from alternative leaning artists such as Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens and MGMT."
via Wikipedia lol

Well my friend Izzy (<-- peep his tumblr) got me hip to them, I was skeptical at first but now Im addicted to there music. Download there mixtape The swelly express

This is my favorite song by them "Truth" The video is pretty tight to

Pursuit of Happiness and Vitamin Water

I love these knew Vitamin Water commercials each commercial features Kid Cudi's single Pursuit of Happiness

Theme for the summer

Every summer Me and Jenee have a certain theme for the summer. Last year it was bohemian, year before that v necks and skinny jeans a chill look now Im really into Rompers and Maxi dresses. I just got my first Romper a couple weeks ago and I have a Maxi dress but I need more so I need to get into collecting them now!
Heres the Romper, its not the best pic but its the only one I have for now
and you all seen this dress (the romper and the dress are the same color) I dont know why but I think this is the best color for me!

New do!

I have been wearing my own hair out for the last 3 weeks because I needed a break from the weaves lol but Im going right back to it for prom. So this is how my hair looks now
To liven it up I added blonde to the back if you cant tell in the pic above. Its more dominant but I just dont have any pictures with it.
Check out my girl Jenee's "Saucy Carter's" new blog here


So prom is this friday and I just got my dress and jewlery on Monday I know last minute and all i need now are my shoes. I was planning on schowing you guys the dress I got but Im just going to wayt till I have the completed look and take pics at prom. I will tell you it blue but thats it lol. Im so excited for it!!!!! 6 more days
I also cant wait to get my nails/toes/hair/eyebrows done cause Im looking ruff lol I was holding out till prom got closer so I would'nt be waisting money cause WE ARE IN A RECCESTION!!!! LMAO Im lame for using that excuse but a sista is broke!!!!!!! :D 

Inspiration for the shoe

I forgot to post the pics which inspired my Alex Pardee converse so here they are.....

The design on the side of the shoe is the colorful guts and aliens coming out of the mans neck
lol I know Weird but so Sick tho

The little monster chillen in the show is the little green monster at the very bottom of the picture

Art show

This is every ceramics sculpture I had in the art show, in total i had 10 things in the art show from ceramics and digital art.
This is what I most proud of....I made a classic white converse sneaker (in my actual size) which was inspired by 2 Alex Pardee peices....if you didnt know he is my all time favorite artist!!!!

More pics after the Jump

Forgive me

Don't hate me! I have been so ridiculously stressed lately. Prom is coming up on friday and I waited to the lat second to buy my dress an I still havent gotten my heels, and Ive been working on my senior projects and I had to work on things for the art show so I have had litterally NO time to post anything new and if I did I spent it sleeping lol.  There are some many projects, that need to been done and Im getting ready for graduation which is on the 7th and Im trying now to get all my requirments out the way also Im going the Virginia Beach the day after prom so Im stressed to get ready for everything and make sure I can miss anymore days of school. I realized I neglected my blog and for that Los Seintos! (im sorry in spanish lol im trying to break out the years of spanish i took in school before I forget.)
I even neglected my lookbook and youtube which I will be getting back to this week.

For my youtube: 1. Im going to do a prom tutorial makeup video because prom is this friday
                           2. Im doing a description of my prom look
                           3. A about me part 2 where you guys can ask me the questions
                           4. Im going to film Prom to show everyone how it went
For my 1. My prom look

All this should be up this week and next week!
P.S. I got straight A's and Honor Role this whole school year so Yeah for me! lol and my GPA is 3.75 so WOOT! WOOT! Time to KICK BACK AND RELAX