Monday, October 26, 2009

My next project

Since im in Digital art and i can draw ima try to do something like this in the upcoming future

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So whats been going on with me?

I feel like now that the internet is back on at my house im not as compelled to write a blog plus ive been busy babysitting (ugh) and ......wait this part is a little exciting.......Ive been working hard with sketches and prepartions for mine (as in me and my friend idris) t-shirt company which is funny cause our shirt company is named ti shirt company. Its kinda weird but simple and obvious. The joke was when we were talking about what to name it someone asked what are we going to sell and we were like......SOCKS! lol its like what does your t-shirt company sell.....SOCKS! lmao i know lame but it was funny when it happened you wouldve had to been there lol. So pics should be up this week of the first ever tsc shirt called "State of Mind". Looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fashionable on a budget

This post is saying you dont have to spend much to look good.

Scarf- Forever 21 ($12)
White top- H&M (around $5)
Necklace- Charolette Russe (around $10)
Jeans- Ross ($12)

Earlier i had a leather jacket with it but those lights where to bright I got it from Forever 21 for about $30. I also have on some slouchy boots which i got from Wet Seal for $24. This outfit was so simple, easy, and cute with no stress of over spending.

i wonder.....?

I wonder what i look like when im talking to someone and the faces im making. Only reason its on my mind is because like when im talking to like a guy who im not intrested in always seems to b on me and they must think for reason im intrested when i no its not my words cause im not saying it and i kno my body language isnt doing it so im wondering now what am i doing like with my face lol. Also i wanna know what r these ugly faces i be making that ppl find so hilarious lol.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This describes me exactly

my zodiac sign is a capricorn and i found this to describe me exactly u dont get bored i will point out what describes me the best-

Capricorn is a feet-on-the-ground, eye-on-the-prize sign. Those with Sun in Capricorn have a realistic, grounded approach to life that can be seen no matter how dreamy the rest of the birth chart suggests. These people know how to do things, and to get things done.
Some Capricorns naturally turn their backs on things they deem too frivolous. They are very much concerned with things that are worthwhile—and that includes their own lives.
Capricorns want to do and be something worthwhile. Like their Earth signs relatives, Taurus and Virgo, they need to feel useful and effective in the real world in order to be satisfied with their lives. But the Capricorn spin on the earth signs is that Capricorn possesses a stronger need for recognition in a worldly sense. They have a strong sense of society and its framework, and they feel most secure when they feel they are doing their part within that framework.
Capricorns like to pare things down, and take pleasure in the simple things in life. However, many are attracted to status symbols and these ones will wear the best clothes (tasteful ones!) and drive quietly impressive cars.
Comparing Capricorns to their symbol, the goat, brings up some interesting analogies. Solar Capricorns can see into the future, and plan for it. They don't mind taking things slowly, but they absolutely aim to get to the top of the mountain in life! They make their way steadily and sure-footedly; and their strength and singleness of purpose are admirable.
Capricorns can sometimes be rather lonely people, although they rarely let it show. They are often a little reserved—even standoffish. This is generally because they value all things practical, and they'll seldom wear their emotions on their sleeves, unless they have a particularly flamboyant Moon sign.
This is a sign that is surely the most resourceful of the zodiac. To some, Capricorns come across as unimaginative, but they can be enormously creative when it comes to the material world. They are generally very capable people with a strong sense of tradition and responsibility.
Many Capricorns have mastered the art of making people laugh. Their sense of humor can be of the deadpan variety—they're generally excellent at keeping a straight face. They can be bitingly sarcastic, too.
Capricorns are not known for taking too many risks in life. They value the beaten track and things "tried and true". This is not to say they are stick-in-the-muds — they simply value the hard work laid down by those who've been around before them.
Turn to your Capricorn friends for help when you need to really get things done. They'll have practical advice, and they'll help you organize and manage your life a little better. Capricorns are generally good with their "word", dependable, and rather loyal people.