Tuesday, April 13, 2010



-_- so mad that pic is SO BAD! but whatever lol

Saturday, April 10, 2010


By tuesday you guys can go to a website to vote for me so i can have a chance to win $1000 dollar gift card and a chance to do a America's Next Top Model commercial . I will make a new video with more information by monday. I hope you guys vote for me.

I would also like to say Thank You to everyone who wished me luck , you guys really help me feel so comfortable and confident at the auditions.


-Nika Brown

Thursday, April 8, 2010


 Tomorrow Im going to a casting call for America's Next Top Model! at lakeforest mall in Gaithersburg. They are holding auditions from 5-8 but im going to get to the mall by 3 cause I dont want to be waiting all day and I know there are going to be alot of people. Hopefully I will make it but if I dont I wont be upset because I know I tryed. I would rather try and fail then to have not tried and always wonder what if?
So everyone wish me luck for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
Thanks alot for the support
(One of my dreams is to become a faith 21 model maybe this could help)
-Nika Brown

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dan Black - Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi

I love this video its like 20 types of movie genre's ,horro,romance, superhero, etc lol...its so refreshing and I hate saying my favorite rapper is Kid Cudi but truthfully he's not a rapper he is a artist and you can see that especially in this video.
by the way Dan Black sampled Rihanna's Umbrella track if you couldnt tell lol

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Queen of the Scene

This is my personal stylest (I wish lol) and my good friend Jenee. You should already know about her cause she is in many of my past post. I LOVE THIS GIRL! thank GOD I found someone so funny and intresting in whack ass Hagerstown! for her love of hair weaves and her sense of style I knew we would be friends even though I admit to not being a big fan of her when we first met lol. She keeps me cracking up all the time even now after I moved we talk like everyday  (even though i dont answer the phone sometimes lol) Ms Nasty Nay also has a blog yall should check out. The way im describng her she sounds cool but on some real sh*t she is one of the BIGGEST LAMES I KNOW!!!!!! but shes also one of the BADDEST B*TCHES I KNOW TO!
I dont know what I would do without her.
One day we are going to do something together, if its not a t-shirt company or anouther photoshoot we will come up with somethng together that will make us MILLIONS! LMAO
MISS YA!!!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Erykah Badu - Window Seat

Heres the shocking new Erykah Badu video for her new single Window Seat, I love the song but did she really have to strip in front of all the unsuspecting bistanders . The video is teaching us about tolerance, racial hatred, religious prejudice , bigatry etc which she is against and I understand that point but dont get me wrong the concept is great and ms Badu got a banging body still but she was stripping in front of people with there kids which i thought was doing to much.   

What are your thoughts?


I'm mad I spent my whole spring break indoors but its not my fault I have to babysit my nephew, I love him to death but I wish I could've spent my spring break doing stuff I wanted to do. The days I did have off I didn't go out cause I BROKE MY GLASSES IN HALF!!!!!! don't even ask how cause I don't know but good thing is it happened during spring break so its not like anyone had to see me rock my GHETTO GLUED GLASSES lmbo also it was way overdue cause i need a new prescription anyway. So by the time school starts this Wednesday I should have my 2 new pair of glasses.
What really ruined my spring break was the fact I got sick out of no where. I wake up Saturday with a fever, fatigue, weakness, headache, and body ache but it sounds like the flu right...WRONG! i have no clue what it is because i don't have sore throat, I'm not coughing, i don't have a stuffy/runny nose but my body feels like it got beat up. This stopped me from enjoying my Easter, i was suppose to go see the cherry blossoms in DC today and going to a barbecue also seeing my GIRLLLLLLL JENEE!
SO YEAH LIKE I SAID EARLIER IM BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate being so down..........

Obsession of the Week: Domingo Dean

One of my new loves in the television world is now How to Make It in America featuring the one in only SCOTT MESCUDI aka KID CUDI aka DOMINGO DEAN in the new series
DOMINGO DEAN......What a cool ass name!
its about to people just trying to hustle there way to there version of the AMERICAN DREAM! its so relatable cause who's not trying to make a hustle these days
I got to ketch up on the episodes cause I'm just started watching today but I'm already hooked
the series is on every Sunday 10pm on HBO

Nicki Minaj- "Massive Attack" (Official 1080p Video) Ft. Sean Garrett