Friday, July 30, 2010

Contest Ideas

THANKS TO MY WONDERFUL SUBSCRIBER, Annette Joseph, she gave me the great idea to sell some paintings and start doing request paintings and I will send them out to you guys!!!! I have to figure out how but if your interested send me a email ( This may eventually turn into a contest for my YouTube subscribers ( I should post a video this week explaining more details after I figure out what Im doing. Im excited!!!!!!!


Ive been feeling so CREATIVE LATELY! like my creative juices are flowing these days! I been painting more lately and drawing which I love! Im happy Im getting back to what Im good at and I decided to paint stuff to hang up on my wall, I just finished one tonight......

P.S. I just painted my room this yellow/peach color and just bought that green light today, Im trying to redecorate my room to make it more unique, bright, creative, fun, cool looking room (lol that was alot of adjectives) so Im buying more canvases to paint on to hang in my room, im going to buy new sheets and etc... so far today I bout the lamp pillows, paint, the canvas, and brushes, and a organizer for my papers.

heres the rest of the paintings I finished so far, I have more but they are complete so I will post them later......

(this was for my 5 year old nephew)

(this is for my friend Izzy's mixtape artwork)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Make up tutorial: Smokey Pink

Beach Bum

So I went to Ocean city for a day trip on Monday. I ate, I was murdered by the ferocious waves lol, got burnt from the sun, I walked the Boardwalk, I went on a roller coaster, went to the arcade and won a whoopy cushion, took pics/videos, I walked through a haunted house, and ate some delicious donuts from a seafood buffet which was DELICIOUS!  I had a great time with my girls.
Only regret not having a cute bathing suit but I never went to the pool this summer so there was no point in getting a new one.

Heres some pics from the trip

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Everyone should defiantly subscribe to PassionJonesz YouTube. She truly is a FASHIONISTA! and has wonderful sense of style.
Thanks so much for the shout out!

-Nika Brown

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube - Usher - There Goes My Baby

YouTube - Usher - There Goes My Baby

The Dark Side

 I think Im slowly but surely moving toward the dark side because I just created a tumblr ( its for short little post I dont feel like posting a essay about on blogger. WHATS NEXT....A TWITTER!!!!! lol Im over exaggerated but thats what it feels like, I feel like Im abbondonung my beloveded blogspot but Im not. Im still going to be posting on here but the tumblr is for mor fun and fandom things that I feel it would be to unrelated if I posted on here so.......if you have a tumbr follow me! TUMBLR. Another reason I chose to get a tumblr is cause not everyone has a blogspot, I know more people with Tumblr than I do blogspot. 

So you guys will still see me posting on here probably more often then I do now.
I need to get my night owl self to bed cause its 4:00am and Im still wide awake. Im such an insomniac thats its crazy!!!!!!
(Luke, I am your father!muwhahhahaha!!!!)

-Nika Brown

Saturday, July 10, 2010

YouTube - Makeup Tutorial: Green Eyes/Maybelline Haul

YouTube - Makeup Tutorial: Green Eyes

I used:
Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation
Claire's Palette
Maybelline 240 black nightsky shimmer eyeshadow
Maybelline XXL Pro 2 in 1 Mascara
Maybelline black eyeliner

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Partyin' like its 1999

Last week my I was home and my mom was at work...all of a sudden she calls me and I answer and strt to talk to her. She goes on to talk about my brother and sisters father Sam (I have a different dad then them) and how she bought a car from him for.........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WAS SO EXCITED AND I STILL AM!!!!!!! Its a 1999 Toyota Camry in Gold and its my new baby! but bad news is I cant drive it till I get my provisional licenses in December :( but its okay cause at least I will be prepared when that time comes around (and I figure she will give in and let me drive it eventually lol)

For now I will sit and admire my baby lol

(This is not the actual photo o the car but a Google image cause I actual dont get the car in my possession until next week)

Doesnt my Mom realize its like putting putting liquor in front of Amy Whinehouse while shes at a AA meeting! you cant tease someone like that!!! XD

Kid Cudi - Erase Me Ft Kanye West (2010) (OFFICIAL RADIO RIP)

Im late on posting this song even tho I knew about it as soon as it came out, here is Kid Cudi's debut single Erase Me featuring Kanye West from his upcoming part 2 cd to his Man on the Moon album.
Even tho I hate radio rips this is the best version of the song I could find because people posted this song sped up or slowed down not this original version. Cudi debuted this song on a Cleavland radio station rather than leaking it to the internet like most do thats why its a radio rip.
I Love this song so much right now cause it reminds me of a friends situation so I can kinda relate.
Enjoy :D

The City that never sleeps! literally

I Just REALIZED I NEVER TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT MY TRIP TO NEW YORK!!!!!..(.....which was almost a month ago lol) I ment to put the pics of it up but it kept slipping my mind and today I came across the pics on my computer today and I just was like why not post them now. Me and my Best friend Christine went to New York (this was her first time so it was extra exciting for her) 18th and came back the 19th......I know that was a short trip but we had so much fun it felt like we were there for days!!!!!!!
We got there on the Bolt bus which got us there in 4 hours- we left the bus station around 7a.m. and got there at around 11 (we brought snacks, the bus had tv and internet connection, and we went to a rest stop so it was pretty much a comfortable ride)

As soon as we got there we went shopping (after doing a early check in at the Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan which was Beautiful!)

So to summarize the trip we went shopping, we ate at restaurants, we did some more shopping, and some window shopping ,we went to the movies and watched Splice, and we went to a comedy club also we did some more shopping to end our trip lol 
OH!!!!!! why when we were eating at T.G.I.F.'s we were wondering why everyone including the waiters kept staring out the window? Come to find out a little later on a man tried to jump of one of the buildings right in front of the restaurant!!!!!! Luckily they got him down but that was a great way to ruin a perfectly good Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Pasta!!!!!!

It was a great trip and I miss New York so much, I could easily live there cause theres always something to do! At the most we got 5 hours of sleep total lol but we loved every minute of it in those heavenly sheets and pillows in the room :)

To  see the pics hit the JUMP Below

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"That Dream" Qu Samuels Feat. Ricci Steez (Prod. By MikeXtra)

Look at for these upcoming artist, I'm actually new to Qu Samuels "QualityNYC" music I heard his music maybe a couple months ago and now i can say I'm a BIG fan of his music its so refreshing, I HIGHLY recommend you guys check him out. Ricci Steez is featured in this song and video. I follow his blog its one of favorite blogs that I recommend you guys to check out  STEEZ THE HERO.

"That Dream" on the album, "Don't Just Dream," HERES THE LINK!
Shot Edited and Directed by Orlando Suazo Jr