Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Jamaica

I just came back from jamaica, i was there visting family. I havent been there for 13 years and i was not expecting the non acessability to everyday technologies like laptop, celphones and even electricity. When visiting jamaica and not being in the hotels there is a less source of water and even clean water. Living in a anouther country our bodies arent use to the pollution in the water. The oad conditions were scary to turn on cause they were dirt roads that twist and turn on cliffs. Coming home made me realize how we are taking things for granted everyday without even thinking about it.This blog may seem like i had a bad time but thats the complete opposite i actualy had a great time. I saw my family like my dad and brother who i havent seen in years, i went to a the beach at night, and even driving around in the car was even fun because thats were you saw the true beauty in jamaica in its natural appeal. I wish I had my pictures to show but they were earesed on the last day by my sister by accident. I was very sad to find that out cause everyones pictures was on my camera also my dad and brothers pictures (i didnt have any pictures of them other than from this trip). Oh and a stray dog (which there are many in jamaica also donkeys,chickens, and goats make up alot of the wildlife lol)stole my flats I left outside :(

(to clarify Jamaica is a beautiful place, and not everywhere is like I described. I was in the country cause thats where my family lives but I also went to places like Ocho Rios, and Lime Hall and its nothing like where I was so dont get the impression im talking about all of Jamaica in my post. I'm just talking about what I experienced even though I still clearly had a great time. It was refreshing to be away from my electronics and able to enjoy to true beauty of Jamaica.}

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  1. Hon first let me say i LOVE ur fashion sense....BUT i would have to disagree with you on this one. It strongly depends on where in Jamaica you went....I lived in Ja for 18 years(ps im now 20)...and i do not live near dirt tracks, neither was my water polluted, i had all the technology i needed, latop, cable, blackberry, iphone, and much more, I was never behind in fashion either. and i didnt live in a hotel. Maybe you went to the rural area aka country...thats where the you find the goats etc....but please dont let it seem like all of Jamaica is the way you described it.....