Sunday, October 25, 2009

So whats been going on with me?

I feel like now that the internet is back on at my house im not as compelled to write a blog plus ive been busy babysitting (ugh) and ......wait this part is a little exciting.......Ive been working hard with sketches and prepartions for mine (as in me and my friend idris) t-shirt company which is funny cause our shirt company is named ti shirt company. Its kinda weird but simple and obvious. The joke was when we were talking about what to name it someone asked what are we going to sell and we were like......SOCKS! lol its like what does your t-shirt company sell.....SOCKS! lmao i know lame but it was funny when it happened you wouldve had to been there lol. So pics should be up this week of the first ever tsc shirt called "State of Mind". Looking forward to it.

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