Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Queen of the Scene

This is my personal stylest (I wish lol) and my good friend Jenee. You should already know about her cause she is in many of my past post. I LOVE THIS GIRL! thank GOD I found someone so funny and intresting in whack ass Hagerstown! for her love of hair weaves and her sense of style I knew we would be friends even though I admit to not being a big fan of her when we first met lol. She keeps me cracking up all the time even now after I moved we talk like everyday  (even though i dont answer the phone sometimes lol) Ms Nasty Nay also has a blog yall should check out. The way im describng her she sounds cool but on some real sh*t she is one of the BIGGEST LAMES I KNOW!!!!!! but shes also one of the BADDEST B*TCHES I KNOW TO!
I dont know what I would do without her.
One day we are going to do something together, if its not a t-shirt company or anouther photoshoot we will come up with somethng together that will make us MILLIONS! LMAO
MISS YA!!!!!!

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