Saturday, September 5, 2009

what to do next

No, i havent graduated yet but when i do whats next for me? I plan to go to MC for two years then go to Berekly College in NY but that can change. After college whats next.....get a job? but where? will it be something i could do long term? will i end up following my dreams in art and fashion or will i just give up and settle into reality? these are all the questions going through my head entering the new school year and hopefully they could all be resolved by the end of it. One plan i was thinking of is opening a clothing store for guys with my best friends Christine and Jenee, I would be incharge of design, Jenee with marketing and promotions, and Christine with running the actually store. Our future is still tossed in he air so im just going to chill and be relaxed and happy for the moment. Que sera sera, What ever will be will be.

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