Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair

I really hope i didnt spell there names wrong cause u dont feel like checking right now, wel anyways.....I am obbessed with them at the moment. Im feel smart Im talking about them as if you know what Im talking about, well Mars and Titanic are these youtube people I found who make these cool but so simple videos which are usually under a minute so it keeps my attention, also they make indie pop music which im into. I dont know what makes them so awsome but they just are. I know why i like them, its cause there awkward, odd, different,innocent and simple which im really into.I reallu reccomened people check them out so u get what im spending my time blogging about.

This is there youtube:

and thier own website:

Technology is a dead bird.....u will get that after watching there videos lol Im not just being random

P.S. sorry there not links

Have a electronic day!

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