Saturday, May 8, 2010

Forgive me

Don't hate me! I have been so ridiculously stressed lately. Prom is coming up on friday and I waited to the lat second to buy my dress an I still havent gotten my heels, and Ive been working on my senior projects and I had to work on things for the art show so I have had litterally NO time to post anything new and if I did I spent it sleeping lol.  There are some many projects, that need to been done and Im getting ready for graduation which is on the 7th and Im trying now to get all my requirments out the way also Im going the Virginia Beach the day after prom so Im stressed to get ready for everything and make sure I can miss anymore days of school. I realized I neglected my blog and for that Los Seintos! (im sorry in spanish lol im trying to break out the years of spanish i took in school before I forget.)
I even neglected my lookbook and youtube which I will be getting back to this week.

For my youtube: 1. Im going to do a prom tutorial makeup video because prom is this friday
                           2. Im doing a description of my prom look
                           3. A about me part 2 where you guys can ask me the questions
                           4. Im going to film Prom to show everyone how it went
For my 1. My prom look

All this should be up this week and next week!
P.S. I got straight A's and Honor Role this whole school year so Yeah for me! lol and my GPA is 3.75 so WOOT! WOOT! Time to KICK BACK AND RELAX

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