Saturday, May 29, 2010

Verbals of a Poet: coming to a sound system near you!!!

You all know Im always hyping my dude The Righteous Izzy La' Cool lol but for real he is really DOPE! and yall shouod look out for his mixtape coming out this summer. As always.....Peep his TUMBLR!
At two this morning creativity hit me (no it was more like a stroke of genius lol) and I decided to design his mixtape cover and back cover so here they are:

and if yall were doubting me about how dope he is here are some bars from his latest rap "Snooze Button"-
1st verse simple, im hard to get rid of ya very 1st pimple, hah, so ima be around, its best you peep my sound,&  if ya smoking on the loud, it will penetrate the inner workings of ya mind, now thats subliminal, the bars are so illegal in fact they’re criminal, like weezy, this rapping thang like freshman girls so easy, im similar to oxygen yea yall need me, i never blow them oz’s, though they pass it around like  ring around the rosie, see im the only goose among these ducks, not really giving a fuck, they say you different i tell em “so what”

This is my favorite bar he recently came up with-

"her skintone is similar to mayonaise, and you always tryna steal my patty, hamburgelar, that felony will lead to murder "

-The Righteous Izzy

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