Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess What!!!!

I'm so excited and sciced! I got my PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this isn't the most exciting news but I failed 2 other times and today I went back anxious and nervous and sacred about doing the walk of shame when you fail! but I went in the MVA as a Bus taker and I walked out a Semi-Independent Bus Taker lol. Hey its one more step to throwing away all my bus passes and getting into a car. You guys might want to watch out lol I'm on the road now!!!!! LMAO :D

But my happiness soon was destroyed 10 minutes later when I broke my glasses in half :( uhhhhhhhh BLOWERRRRRRRRRR

I'm not trying to let that ruin my mood but I'm so upset...I'm going to try to get new glasses tomorrow but idk yet

good news is spring break starts tomorrow so I going to have to pull my super glue out and be EXTRA GHETTO cause I have to go to school tomorrow -_-

After I got my permit today

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