Friday, July 30, 2010


Ive been feeling so CREATIVE LATELY! like my creative juices are flowing these days! I been painting more lately and drawing which I love! Im happy Im getting back to what Im good at and I decided to paint stuff to hang up on my wall, I just finished one tonight......

P.S. I just painted my room this yellow/peach color and just bought that green light today, Im trying to redecorate my room to make it more unique, bright, creative, fun, cool looking room (lol that was alot of adjectives) so Im buying more canvases to paint on to hang in my room, im going to buy new sheets and etc... so far today I bout the lamp pillows, paint, the canvas, and brushes, and a organizer for my papers.

heres the rest of the paintings I finished so far, I have more but they are complete so I will post them later......

(this was for my 5 year old nephew)

(this is for my friend Izzy's mixtape artwork)

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  1. I would love if you would paint me some art work for my room