Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The City that never sleeps! literally

I Just REALIZED I NEVER TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT MY TRIP TO NEW YORK!!!!!..(.....which was almost a month ago lol) I ment to put the pics of it up but it kept slipping my mind and today I came across the pics on my computer today and I just was like why not post them now. Me and my Best friend Christine went to New York (this was her first time so it was extra exciting for her) 18th and came back the 19th......I know that was a short trip but we had so much fun it felt like we were there for days!!!!!!!
We got there on the Bolt bus which got us there in 4 hours- we left the bus station around 7a.m. and got there at around 11 (we brought snacks, the bus had tv and internet connection, and we went to a rest stop so it was pretty much a comfortable ride)

As soon as we got there we went shopping (after doing a early check in at the Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan which was Beautiful!)

So to summarize the trip we went shopping, we ate at restaurants, we did some more shopping, and some window shopping ,we went to the movies and watched Splice, and we went to a comedy club also we did some more shopping to end our trip lol 
OH!!!!!! why when we were eating at T.G.I.F.'s we were wondering why everyone including the waiters kept staring out the window? Come to find out a little later on a man tried to jump of one of the buildings right in front of the restaurant!!!!!! Luckily they got him down but that was a great way to ruin a perfectly good Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Pasta!!!!!!

It was a great trip and I miss New York so much, I could easily live there cause theres always something to do! At the most we got 5 hours of sleep total lol but we loved every minute of it in those heavenly sheets and pillows in the room :)

To  see the pics hit the JUMP Below

Our Room-

Our View-

Our Adventure-
(the naked cowboy!)

There are about 100 more pictures from my trip but that would be doing to much to put the, all up lol .One of the final things we did was get our picture drawn! Its so cute even tho I look like a cute White Girl lol :)
-Nika Brown

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