Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Partyin' like its 1999

Last week my I was home and my mom was at work...all of a sudden she calls me and I answer and strt to talk to her. She goes on to talk about my brother and sisters father Sam (I have a different dad then them) and how she bought a car from him for.........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WAS SO EXCITED AND I STILL AM!!!!!!! Its a 1999 Toyota Camry in Gold and its my new baby! but bad news is I cant drive it till I get my provisional licenses in December :( but its okay cause at least I will be prepared when that time comes around (and I figure she will give in and let me drive it eventually lol)

For now I will sit and admire my baby lol

(This is not the actual photo o the car but a Google image cause I actual dont get the car in my possession until next week)

Doesnt my Mom realize its like putting putting liquor in front of Amy Whinehouse while shes at a AA meeting! you cant tease someone like that!!! XD

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