Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashionable on a budget

OK I know you seen this look in a earlier post but I meant to talk about it.

This look was really easy and was less then 40$'s....To begin that is a Moss Green Jacket I got from Walmart for about 10$'s and the dress was about 15$'s, it is actually longer and has straps. To make it cuter I just tucked the straps in to give it the look of a strapless dress and there was a string thing to tie a bow in the back I just wrapped it around and pulled the dress up to the length I wanted and tied the string to hold up the dress in place. I matched this dress with with black wedges I got from Marshall's that were only 7$'s (it was a fabulous find) and there you go, and fun cute outfit that cost about 32$'s plus tax.

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