Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fashionable on a budget

I know its freezing! out but you can still rock this look with the right coat.
(I know this picture isnt great but I needed a picture with the cardigan on and I didnt want to take anouther picture.)
Dark Gray Cardigan $15 Marshalls
Black High Waisted Skirt Wet Seal $18
Ruffle Top $10 Conway Ankle Boots Payless (I dont remeber the exact price but it was less than $20)
Designed Stockings Target $10
Key Necklace Charlotte Russe (2 necklaces for $8)

This is what I saw first when I woke up. I have a love/hate relationship with snow, I love how pretty it is but I hate the cold! If I was still living in Hagerstown I can guarentee mee and Nay wouldve been sledding, making snow angels and making the flyest snowmen/women ever!
All i could think of is all the great picture oppurtunities are outside but Im not willing to freeze for them.
Love is Pain.

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