Saturday, December 12, 2009

Uhhhh Im in a FUNK!

I really need to update my closet but I've been so broke. The only source of my income is from babysitting every weekend for my sister and I get paid 50$'s. Its easy money cause my nephew can do pretty much everything by himself except get and make his food and I like playing with him. I just play the WII with him and watch TV and play with his toys...easy job right. Only problem with is I don't have a social life on the weekends so I've been slowly pulling away from going every weekend and i didn't think how it would effect me money wise. I noticed how broke I was getting when on Black Friday only thing I could get was a new camera...I mean that's all I wanted but it would've been nice to by some new clothes and stuff. Since the summer my plan was to save up and by a new laptop on Black Friday but I was so careless I didn't save a dime....Ive never been able to save money for long.
I know what your thinking, GET A JOB!, I know i need one but I'm so damn lazy lol also when I did get a job during the summer they fired me after 4 days of training because i couldn't work weekends. I need a job so bad but my sister needs me so I need to find a job where I can work about 3 days a week so a least I can have two days off and still be able to watch my nephew on weekends.
My mom plans to get me a job as , I'm not really sure what it is, but it is like me being company for old people , just like sitting around talking to them when i turn 18 in about 3 weeks. It sounds good. I really need to get my act together cause college is next year and it ain't cheap.
Christmas is right around the corner and I have dust in my wallet and i feel so bad. I'm going to be so late on peoples gifts that its not even funny. I might have to use the money i get from to buy them gifts lls. I always stress about money when it comes to Christmas but now I'm really stressing.
I remember 2 years ago my father (who lives in Jamaica) sen t me $1000 dollars just cause so I keep praying he will do it again cause I need money for a car and school also I can get gifts with that money. I don't even know why he did it before but I was so excited to see it. I gave my mom 200 of it and got so many great gifts for everyone it was the best Christmas. I hate asking him for stuff so I will just see what he does, my mom thinks I'm crazy for not asking for stuff cause she knows i will get it if i ask but i always feel like a gold digger when i do that and that's my dad i cant do that.
Here's a pic of my empty wallet lol
This is the only money I have in my wallet, its a Jamaican $1000 bill but trust me its not much its like 3-4 dollars there I just keep it as a souvenir lmao. =)
This is me and the sister I babysit for and my nephew, lol shes so blurry cause my nephew didnt want to be in the picture and he kept moving around.

(us before seeing Precious the movie, I really liked that movie)

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