Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obsession of the week-Gold and Wedges

I just had to post my gold look I had going on today. I will post the complete look either later tonight or tomorrow. I loved my makeup today I just had to show it off. Those gold wedges are my "PRECIOUS" lol even though I have never worn them out and they have been collecting dust in my closet I love them! I just never had a reason to wear them, they are very high and bright but I realized I need to step out and be more adventurous. Oh and I had to rock my gold owl necklace I got from Forever 21. I love owls and I love gold so what a perfect combo lol. This is one of 3 owl necklaces I own. I love his black jewel eyes. I say I and love alot in this post so much hahaha!
Heres the outfit

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