Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lazy Bones

Uhhhhh! -_- I know Ive been gone for a minute.....I was going to lie and say I have been really busy because of finals but I only had one final and that was last week Friday and Ive been out of school all week cause I had no more finals so..........SORRY.
I think I got bit by the "Lazy Bug" going around lol but really I'm going to post something new like every other day so I don't look like a slacker! but I did go out today looking for a job so I'm trying not to be such a bum lol
By next week I will be posting a video of me vlogging and doing a forever 21 haul. I been on a online shopping binge for the last week and I should have everything by Tuesday. I mainly ordered from Forever 21 but I decided I needed new jeans so I ordered some from Faith 21, Forever 21's plus size collection, cause I got a lot of junk in the trunk if you didn't notice lls :D.
I will post some looks to go along with the video also on other news I created a new YouTube account to do tutorials and hauls also to give advice so you guys should subscribe (no pressure lol) my first video will be the Forever 21 haul.
Here's the link to my new YouTube channel
Oh! also I watched the new movie "The Lovely Bones" and I loved it! it was just nicely put together and I actually teared up at the end a little.

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