Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poor Snooki and Go Flo!

If you are obsessed with Jersey Shore like I am you know that Little Sweet Chiwawa Snooki has the worst luck. She got into 2 fights one with a grown ass drunk man and the second with 2 chicks and a Hippo. Little Snookers doesn't deserve that but JWow got her back.

That has to be one of my favorite shows right now but The Bad Girls Club has to be number ONE!
This weeks episode of The Bad Girls Club got me so upset! If you watched it you would see how all the girls went to a lesbian club to support Flo but Amber is kinda nervous about going cause she thinks all the woman will hit on her and some crap like that. All i could think about is why did you go then? no one was forcing her and if she explained that she was uncomfortable with it no one would be mad. She is so ignorant cause afterwards when they were home she even said what she was about to say was going to get people mad and she was saying ignorant &%@$ about bi people and how she thinks Flo is confused when she is not. What did shew expect to happen when she was talking of course Flo was going to be mad then she had the nerve to push Flo in the pool which broke her ankle....OW! Then Flo hops after her and nicely picked Amber's ass up by her hair and throws her.
What got me mad was that Everyone sided with Amber but Flo was the one to get her ankle broken compared to Amber's bruise on her arm also Amber was the one to start the fight by being ignorant and then pushing Flo in the POOL!
I'm glad that Flo has such great acting skills cause she faked cryed her way back into the house!
Go FLO!!!!!! :D

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