Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whats in my bag

I always wanted to do "Whats in my bag" blog but I never found the time. I basically use the same old bags I always do even tho I have so many but usually everything is already packed in one of my black bags and I hate taking everything out and switching. I rotate between this D&G bag and this black bag I got from Forever 21 last year and this brown bag I got from Charlotte Russe.
Optional things to carry: School Stuff (notebooks and etc...) and laptop
I have been using the D&G bag for the last couple of days

This is my everyday stuff plus or minus the umbrella and the laptop

Electronics: HP Mini, Ipod Classic, Kodak Digital Camera.....I forgot my cell but yall already seen that

I love my key chain, my sister got it for me when she came back from visiting family in Jamaica

My cute eye glasses case

Pens and pencil in case I have to write something or draw something, I usually have a small not pad but it ran out of paper

Hand Sanitizer w/ lotion cause there are more germs then people lol

Lotions and my favorite spray Love Spell from Victoria Secret cause you have to smell good. I'm always running out cause everyone always knows I got something with me lol

Lint roller and my new favorite blue gloves from H&M

Lip glosses because I have to take care of these big lips. I'm not a fan of colors on my lips so I usually just get clear but I do like soft pinks to tint my lips.

Mini pink umbrella cause I'm not going to mess my hair up lol :D

My wallet with all my important things in it

and last but not least my bus passes and bus schedule lmao! I have to get around someway cause I DON'T HAVE A CAR! ;)

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