Friday, January 8, 2010

Mixing it up a little

Finger cut out mittens: Walmart, Silver Studded earrings: Rugged Warehouse 3.99 (I bout them on my birthday), and Black shoulder bag: Wet Seal 16.00 (I gift I received from Best friend)

Black Vest: Forever 21, Black stripped hoody: Forever 21 12.50

SO this is the outfit I had on Friday for school. I wore it a couple different ways :
In the first pic you can see the accessories I originally had on, I matched that with a leather jacket for a simple kinda edgy look.
After I got home it wasn't as cold as it was before so I took the jacket off and those accessories and through on a vest over the hoody and tucked it into my jeans. My friend got me the charm heart necklace with matching dangle earring's (you cant see them) today for my past birthday.
P.S. The only reason I changed the look around was because I lost one of the original earrings I had on so I wanted to mix things up a little.
UH!!!! I loved those earrings :(
Oh! and that hoody was a great find I found Thursday, Forever 21 also have one with a zipper for 16.50 but I personally liked this one better and it was cheaper.

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