Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let me go put on my face

Putting on makeup, to me, is like art, and this is coming from a artist. I love putting on makeup, its fun and creative. I especially love eye shadows, I never just wear one color i have at least 2-3 colors on my eyes....I know what your thinking,"she probably looking crazy" but really the colors blend together. I would wear like a light green/gold on the inside of my eye the in the middle a darker green then a little black on the edge and the colors are blended into each other. It looks like a value scale you start with black then add a color red to it and eventually it will fade to white, its a gradual change. I'm not trying to come out the house looking like a clown.

I don't think every one should wear makeup cause people don't need it, they have there natural beauty, I personally love just playing with it its like becoming a new person everyday plus I love feeling GLAMOROUS lol but not all people need makeup to feel that way. I like to experiment and be creative that's why its a good thing for me.

This is my daily things i use the most, I had to incorporate the crayons to show to gradual change from a dark color to a lighter one also cause it looked cool, they matched my eye shadows lol. I have a makeup bag full of stuff but this is what i use the most. Uh! I forgot the lip gloss, I never go without it.

"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world."

— Marilyn Monroe

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