Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 random and weird facts about myself

Well i always watch those YouTube videos where the person is saying things about themselves that people don't know, and i was like "What the hey!...I can do that to" lol.
SO here we go........

Fact numero uno-I only have one dimple which happens to be on my left cheek

Dos- I was born with a cleft pallet ( for those who don't know its a opening at the top of the roof of my mouth) which i had surgery when i was 9months old to close)

Tres- I had asthma when i was a kid but i don't anymore

Cuatro- I'm Jamaican (both my parents grew up there but i was born here so Ima change that to I'm Jamerican lol)

Cinco-People assume i cant see cause i wear glasses but the truth is it is because my left eye is crossed ( i know its weird no one else in my family has it but i learned to live with it so its w/e) on that note don't ever ask me to show you cause I wont.....sorry

Seis-If you ever seen me write you will know i hold my pencil funny (I put two fingers on top of the pencil and two behind so when you look at me write it looks like I'm holding the pencil in my fist

Seite- I was born with a short tongue so i had surgery on it and now its long lmao


Ocho- I didn't talk until i was about 3 and i went to speech therapy cause i wouldn't speak

Uhhhh i don't have any other weird facts so the last two will be random

Nueve- I'm the youngest of 4 kids and all our birthdays are a month close to each other ( i was born in January, my brother and second oldest sister where born in December and my oldest sister was born in November)

Diez-i couldve been born in either 1991 or 1992 because my bithday is Jan 4th

So what did you learn about me-
1.I was born with really weird and random things
2. I didn't like to talk as a kid but cant shut up now
and 3. You learned about me and my family

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