Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She use to be the sweetest girl

What happened the the Pon de replay Ri Ri. Little miss Rihanna from Barbados has gone hard lately, maybe a little to hard. I'm not a critic so my opinion doesn't matter but this new tuff new goth thing is getting a little overboard. In the beginning it was cute and refreshing with the hair and everything but now its like shes trying to be someone shes not. Tiffany Evans came out and said Rihanna's song Rush and Roulette has such strong lyrics that will make people kill themselves, I don't agree with that at all but its still going with my point that Ri's new facade is a little much.

Here's her new video ft. Young Jeezy - Hard
Sorry its not the video (the html code wasnt trying to work for me so heres the link to the video).

She went from this

To this

To finally this

It seems like the shorter her hair got the edgyer she became.
COME ON! at one point she had vampire nails....what was that about?

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