Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two of my favorite things...shopping and food!

Happy Turkey Day or at least Happy Early Turkey Day!
I can not wait for Thanksgiving...Imagining all that Jamaican food is making my mouth water lol. Its going to be hard getting up in the morning for Black Friday cause i already know I'm still going to be full from the day before and you know food makes you tired ( that's called "The Itis" lol i learned that from The Boondocks). Well I'm not shopping this year I just need to get one thing, I need to buy a new digital camera. i have one now but its doesn't work, I lent it to my mom when she went to Jamaica and it came back broken. I really like that camera so I'm just going to buy it again. It is the Kodak m763 digital camera. If i see one better for cheaper i will get it but for now my eyes are set and locked on that camera because i don't have any complaints.

I might buy a new laptop while I'm browsing the electronics section but its all up in the air right now cause my pockets are empty...I'm trying to get a advance in my pay at my babysitting thing i do for my sis or beg for a early Christmas/birthday present =D.

I'm trying to step up my photography game to, like of myself, and to do that i need to buy a tripod. The main reason I'm trying to step up my game is because I'm trying to get accepted on this website call lookbook.nu. Its all about fashion and sharing pictures and inspirations with people all around the world and I'm in love with it. Also me and Jenee of NastyNayNay.blogspot.com have a upcoming mini photo shoot, which is going to be hard because we live in different states and we are taking pics and mashing them together. So yeah Once again Happy Thanksgiving and I want to say Happy birthday to my brother(who's birthday was today) my sister (who's birthday was Friday) and my niece(who's birthday was two weeks ago).
Love you guys! <3>

(My sister and niece after her ballet recital)

(My brother)

This is me last year on black friday

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